What The Hell Is Going On In This Lake?

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137 What The Hell Is Going On In This Lake?
Screenshot from 'Amazing Monstrous Whirlpool' video via Janis Astics

A video of a whirlpool in Latvia has been swirling around the Internet recently.

Whirlpools form when two opposing, fast-flowing currents meet. But where does all the water go? In this video, the water is headed downstream, underneath the road that the spectators are standing on.


The video starts off with the little whirlpool sampling some delicate ice sheet appetizers. You might not think this is worthy of the title "Amazing Monstrous Whirlpool" just yet, but this is only a taste of the destructive meal to come.

You can skip to 0:52 seconds to see the impact the whirlpool has on the ice in the distance, dragging it along a slow but deadly current.

Things start to heat up at 2:20 when the whirlpool devours a large piece of wood or road surface, followed by omnoming large sheets of ice and something that might once have been a tree.

At 3:50 minutes, the whirlpool looks like it's bitten off more than it can chew as it struggles to gobble up something big. But fear not, failure is not in the whirlpool's dictionary, and it quaffs its sizable meal with victory in its eye!


Then, at 5:20, we see the big crescendo (and a man walks across the screen): An enormous ice sheet is slowly dragged towards its demise. 

It's not a quick victory, but it is a sweet one. And slightly terrifying. 




Whirlpool in Dviete, Latvia, 2013


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