How Tall Is The World's Tallest Tree?


Danielle Andrew

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clockAug 31 2015, 14:50 UTC
2108 How Tall Is The World's Tallest Tree?
Redwood Trees, Redwood National Park, California U.S. Sean Lema/Shutterstock

The world’s tallest tree is a coastal redwood standing at a staggering 379 feet and four inches (115.6 meters) feet above the earth – beating its predecessor Stratosphere Giant by over 10 feet.

To gain some sense of perspective, take a look at this image created by comparing it to some famously tall landmarks.




Found in Redwood National Park, the goliath, nicknamed Hyperion, was discovered by two hikers. To gain its official title, Hyperion was measured precisely by a team of scientists from Humboldt State University, led by Steve Sillett, using the highly complicated and technical method of climbing the tree and dropping a (really long) tape measure down its trunk.


Take a look at the video by the scientists chronicling the climb:




Few are allowed to know the exact location of Hyperion in order keep tourists and media away, who could potentially harm the tree and its environment.

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