Homemade Super-Powerful Laser Bazooka Is More Blinding Than 33 Million Suns


Robin Andrews

Science & Policy Writer

Blimey. styropyro via YouTube

Ladies and gentlemen, he’s back. Professional manufacturer of destructive implements Drake Anthony, also known as styropyro, has finished building what very well may be his magnum opus, his veritable piece de resistance – a 200-watt laser bazooka. After constructing it from scrap metal, broken projector parts, and a few lithium polymer batteries, it appears that he’s ready to take over the world with his genuinely dangerous device.

Wielding the weapon while wearing a welding mask – in order to make sure he doesn’t go blind – he claims that the power output on his mechanical beast is “insane,” going on to say that “a direct hit to the eye would be 33 million times more intense than staring into the Sun,” so we can safely assume that this definitely goes against the Geneva Convention.


Your next supervillain? styropyro via YouTube

As the YouTube demonstration video clearly shows, blocks of wood, computer cases, and titanium-infused gunpowder doesn’t stand a chance. He’s previously made a 40-watt cannon, so this is quite the step up for this particular madman.

Perhaps we can all look forward to a supervillain showdown between Anthony, Colin Furze – who’s recently developed a super-hot, metal-explosive launching cannon – and the man behind the YouTube channel Photonicinduction, who's just built a series of powerful electrocution devices.

Marvel’s Avengers wouldn’t stand a chance.


[H/T: Laughing Squid]

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