Heroic Bystander Leaps On Top Of Alligator After It Attacks Handler


Jack Dunhill

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clockAug 18 2021, 17:18 UTC

Alligators can do serious damage if they get you in their jaws. Image Credit: RICIfoto/

After an especially rowdy alligator gripped onto an animal trainers’ hand and began rolling, one heroic dad leaped into action and jumped on top of the huge reptile, helping loosen its grip and freeing the woman. 

Finding himself left on top of the alligator, the man then quickly managed to jump to safety, potentially saving the handler’s life and giving his son a pretty awesome story to brag about at school. 


Watch as the handler and bystander wrestle with the alligator. 

 The incident happened at a reptile facility, called Scales & Trails Utah, in West Valley City during a 5-year-old's birthday party. The handler entered the alligator’s – aptly named Darth Gator – enclosure to feed the 2.4-meter (8-foot) beast, but Darth Gator was feeling a little extra hungry and decided to take the trainer’s hand too. In true alligator fashion, Darth Gator then went into a death roll, which aims to rip apart whatever is in their jaws. The handler did an impressive job at rolling with it, giving enough time for Donnie Wiseman to grab hold of the gator and stop it from rolling further.  

According to the company’s owner, the handler underwent surgery and is recovering well. It looks like she will regain full use of the hand, thanks to her professionalism and the actions of a bystander. 

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