Giraffe Sticks Its Head Into Car, Smashes Window Spectacularly On The Way Out


It's unclear why the car window was rolled up. MoMedia/YouTube

It’s not every day you get to hang out with a giraffe. It’s a rarer day yet when said giraffe uses its head to shatter your car window.

That is unless you’re this couple at Britain’s West Midland Safari Park


One particularly daring giraffe, reportedly named Strider, is seen standing between two cars and poking his head through the passenger side window of one of the cars. It’s not exactly clear what he’s searching for, but some speculate he could have been on the hunt for food.

For reasons that aren’t quite clear (you know, like the fact there is a giant animal head in your car), the window begins to roll up. At this point, you can see the animal jolts back, striking its head against the window. Within seconds the window is obliterated.

Video footage shows the giraffe reaching its head in through the passenger side window. MoMedia/YouTube

“Oh God – are you alright? Do you want me to try and call someone?” a bystander is heard saying in the background, who continues by saying there is glass “everywhere”.



While it appears all humans are okay, onlookers expressed concern over the animal too.

“We might need to call someone… I think the giraffe might have glass in it as well.”

Seconds later, the giraffe pulls its head and shatters the window. MoMedia/YouTube

Park guidelines clearly instruct visitors to keep vehicle doors, windows, and sunroofs closed when in the carnivore areas. However, according to MoMedia, this is a part of the safari where visitors are allowed to feed various animals from their vehicles under regulations that warn windows should be kept half shut and visitors are instructed to keep their hands outstretched outside of the vehicle while doing so. 

Once an animal's head is inside your vehicle, however, it seems a bit late to attempt the window half-shut rule.


"I would like to point out that the couple did not intentionally do this, the young chap went into panic mode and didn't think straight about what he was doing. He was just trying to help his girlfriend," said the video publisher online. 

"As this incident is under investigation, we cannot currently comment. However, the giraffe was immediately checked by staff and sustained no injuries," park officials said in an email to IFLScience.


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