Fish Spotted Stuck Inside Jellyfish, Regrets Everything


Tom Hale

Senior Journalist

clockJun 8 2016, 12:38 UTC
Fish inside a jellyfish
Tim Samuel via @timsamuelphotography/Instagram

Ocean photographer Tim Samuel and videographer Franny Plumridge spotted this peculiar pair just off Byron Bay on the eastern coast of Australia around December.

Despite the “Oh sh*t” expression on its face, it’s unlikely the jellyfish actually tried to eat the fish. It’s been documented before that small fish can use jellyfish, jellies, and salps to hide in. In this case, the fish was alive and well, even flicking its caudal fin (tail fin) out the back of the jellyfish.


Speaking to IFL Science, Samuel said: "I was pretty fascinated by how the fish controlled the jellyfishes movement, propelling it forward and often spinning in circles."

He added: “The conditions were crystal clear that day, which is why we able to spot the little pair in the first place. The jellyfish was only a couple inches long making the duo an easy miss for sure. We stuck around for about 20 minutes and then left the couple to their own devices. I thought about setting the fish free as we swam off – but figured it was best to just let nature run its course." 

Images used with permission via Tim Samuel/@timsamuelphotography

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