Fish Caught Mid-Eating Another Fish Becomes Frozen Solid In Ice


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It's a fish-eat-fish world. Oh, c'mon, someone had to make the joke. Trendy Outdoorsman/YouTube

The last moments of a feud between two fish has become frozen for all eternity (or at least until it's chainsawed out by YouTubers, or the weather warms up).

Two brothers came across the unexpected sight of a pike in the middle of eating a bass, both of which had then become frozen solid in ice, while on a fishing trip around Wawasee Lake in Indiana.


Fascinated and confused by this fish-on-fish action, they decided to post the photo up on Facebook, which sent it on a viral rocket ride across the Internet. After the success of the original post, they decided to release a video documenting the whole escapade, including the process of chainsawing the scene out the lake.

Trendy Outdoorsman

There are a few theories as to how these fish met their fate. The most likely scenario is that the pike tried to eat the bass but eventually choked on it and died. The duo were then left to the elements after they floated to the surface of the lake and its top layer froze over. 

Anton Babich, one of the guys who found the fish, said that it smelt terrible and had begun to rot, suggesting it had been there for some time.


If you take a look back over the past few winter months, one thing sticks out: A lot of weird stuff got frozen in ice. A fox became a viral celebrity after it was found encased in ice and then put outside an alpine hotel in Germany as a lesson to people. Even better, two moose were frozen with their horns locked in battle in an iced-over lake in Alaska. There was also a weird frozen wall of water embedded with dozens of fish that surfaced on Reddit last month.

Spring can't come soon enough.



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