Diver Nearly Gets Swallowed By Whale

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clockMay 30 2014, 05:52 UTC
1066 Diver Nearly Gets Swallowed By Whale
Rainer Schimpf/Barcroft TV

Marine wildlife photographers face a variety of dangers in the open ocean. While filming off the coast of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Rainer Schimpf nearly got swallowed whole by a Bryde’s whale as it was quickly approaching the surface to breach. As the 15 meter (49 foot) long whale broke through the surface of the water, Schimpf was in the water filming only a few feet away. 

Thankfully, Schimpf did not go the way of Pinocchio and Geppetto and managed to narrowly miss being eaten by the whale. Of course, the force generated during the breach sent him flying backwards, but he did end up unharmed. Before Schimpf had time to GTFO, he had one more close encounter. This time, it was with a shark.


Check out of the footage of this amazing experience:


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