Denmark And U.K. Top List Of Countries Tackling Climate Change


Robin Andrews

Science & Policy Writer

53 Denmark And U.K. Top List Of Countries Tackling Climate Change
Solar power is now cheaper and more efficient than ever before. crystal51/Shutterstock

The U.K., Denmark and Sweden have topped an international ranking of an index of countries combating climate change. Compiled by the environmentalist groups Germanwatch and Climate Action Network, the results were announced today after both organizations analyzed progress from the 58 countries that produce 90 percent of the world’s energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, as reported by BBC News.

Taking into account emission levels – including future projections – along with infrastructural energy efficiency, progress towards using renewable energy, and the government’s climate policy, the U.K. was ranked fifth, just behind Denmark. Curiously, the first three places in the Climate Change Performance Index remain blank, as the organizations say that no major nation is doing enough to combat dangerous climate change.


Denmark has shown a strong commitment to renewable energy; one particularly windy day earlier this year gave it 140 percent of its daily energy requirements, and the excess was given to its neighboring countries. Sweden, sixth on the list, has announced its bold aim to become completely fossil fuel-free.

In terms of the U.K., Wendel Trio – one of the lead authors of the report – told BBC News that the island nation’s overall low greenhouse gas emissions, climate policy in the recent past, a commitment to phase out coal power plants, and a rapidly-growing renewables sector all contributed to its placing on the list.

In contrast, Canada, Australia, South Korea, and Japan ranked very low on the list. The U.S. and China fare somewhat better, mainly due to their massive investments in renewables and recent environmental protection policy declarations.



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