Baboon Has Its Own Feet Eaten In Horrific Act Of Cannibalism


Robin Andrews

Science & Policy Writer

clockFeb 12 2016, 14:36 UTC
1270 Baboon Has Its Own Feet Eaten In Horrific Act Of Cannibalism
The baboon survived the incident, but is likely in a lot of pain. Miss Assnaa via Facebook

Warning: disturbing image below.

The horrific image of an African baboon, whose feet have been eaten by fellow caged baboons in Zagazig Zoo in Egypt, has gone viral on Egyptian social media. The other caged primates appeared to be starving, and although some have died, others turned to this shocking act of cannibalism in order to survive.


According to the Cairo Post, eye-witnesses have accused the zoo employees of refusing to feed the animals unless they were offered money. The director of the zoo denied the reports, claiming that the 17-year-old baboon was injured after he went on an aggressive rampage after his female partner started spending far more time with their newly born baby.

The injured baboon. Miss Assnaa via Facebook.

The zoo has isolated the injured baboon after the incident, saying that it’s for the protection of the baby. To date, it appears to have survived the incident, but its lymph glands have become inflamed, suggesting that it may be fighting an infection.

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