Are You Smarter Than A Crow?

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315 Are You Smarter Than A Crow?

Crows are the intellectual badasses of the avian world. They have been regarded throughout history for their intelligence and new research continues to show how remarkable they really are. A new experiment designed by corvid expert Alex Taylor from the University of Auckland in New Zealand was set to be the most difficult puzzle the New Caledonian crows had ever faced. The difficult eight-part puzzle was featured on BBC Two’s Inside the Animal Mind.

The crow, nicknamed 007, faced a problem: he saw food that he was unable to reach. This required the use of a tool, which crows are quite talented at using. Another problem arose when none of the tools he could see were immediately available to him. Some were hanging from string, others were behind cages, and yet another required the use of multiple tools at once. 007 had to collect the tools in a specific order, otherwise he could not solve the puzzle and get the food prize.


So did 007 beat the most complex puzzle ever set before a bird? How long did it take you to figure out what he had to do? Check it out here:

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