Affectionate Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Woman's Bump

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clockAug 4 2015, 01:11 UTC
1512 Affectionate Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Woman's Bump
Leaning in for a smooch. Jay Clarke/YouTube

An orangutan was filmed kissing a pregnant woman's baby bump, which was pressed against the glass enclosure, at Colchester Zoo, England, this month. 

The woman’s partner caught the heartwarming moment on camera (shown below) where Rajang the orangutan stares at the woman’s belly for a few moments, before leaning in to smooch the baby bump against the glass.


When the woman’s partner Jay Clarke does the same, Rajang was not interested at all.

Clarke described the orangutan as “truly a special animal that has touched our hearts.”

Orangutans are endangered in the wild due to deforestation of their homes in Indonesia and Malaysia. Rajang is one of two male orangutans currently living in Orangutan Forest at the zoo, where it's hoped that there will be a breeding pair in the near future, as the animals are part of the European Breeding Programme.




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