A Badger Kept Bringing Human Remains To One Woman's Garden

The explanation – grim though it is – was quickly found.

James Felton

James Felton

Senior Staff Writer

clockJul 21 2022, 11:01 UTC
A badger, looking shocked
Nature's goth, feigning innocence. Image credit: Henk Bogaard/

In Dudley, England, a woman called the police after spotting a human skull in her garden. It was the first of a steady supply of human remains, all brought to her garden by badgers.

Eighty-eight-year-old Ann Mathers first called her daughter "in hysterics" after discovering the skull, BBC News reports. Police initially treated the garden as a crime scene, cordoning it off from the public. However, the explanation – grim though it is – was quickly found.


 "She's been having femurs, skulls, the bottom part of a chin, jawbones, you name it coming into the garden," Mathers' daughter Lorraine Lloyd told the BBC. "What you see is people's families, people's loved ones, it's horrific."

The remains were being dug up from a nearby graveyard by the badgers, and transported to Mathers' garden via a public footpath. 

The problem of grave-robbing badgers is surprisingly common. In Berwick, badgers have been regularly disturbing graves.

"The problem is badgers in cemetery’s digging up grave spaces, causing devastation to families," a petition to move badger sets from the area explains. 


"Yes it’s nature for badgers to dig and forage etc but it’s not nature to un-earth bones and destroying the final resting place."

"Nobody wants the badgers harmed," the petition continues, calling for "the right to humanly remove them from cemeteries."

For now, the council sends regular patrols of the area, in an attempt to stop the grave desecration being carried out by nature's goths.

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