10 Creatures that Are Nearly Indestructible

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2179 10 Creatures that Are Nearly Indestructible
"Waterbear" By Bob Goldstein and Vicky Madden via Wikimedia Commons. Licensed by CC.

If you add enough heat, pressure, cold, or radiation, or if you remove enough water or oxygen, most living things on the planet would perish. Some creatures thrive in extreme environments though or have other adaptations that make them nearly indestructible. If a mature Turritopsis dohrnii—also known as the immortal jellyfish—is stressed in its environment, it can revert back to being a polyp. This process can continue indefinitely, making it the only known creature to be biologically immortal. There also exists animals like the tardigrade, also known as waterbears, which are even able to survive in the vaccuum of outer space!

Watch the video below for more nearly indestructible creatures.

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