Would You Wear A Smog Ring?

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1414 Would You Wear A Smog Ring?
A smog cube set in a Smog Free ring. Studio Roosegaarde.

Wearing the smog that you breathe in regularly may not sound like a fashion choice. However, you may change your mind with this line of wearable smog jewelry. Sucked out of the air via a tall, smog-eating tower and compressed into cubes, these carbon blocks, set in rings and cufflinks, could be the next trend.

The 23-foot-tall air purifier is the work of Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde and is called the Smog Free Tower. It’s not a new idea, as the air purification systems in hospitals are quite similar. But on such a large scale, the tower would produce 123 million cubic feet of clean air per day, creating 3,500 smoggy cubes if the tower is placed in an area of high pollution.


The air-purifying tower would require 1,700 watts of energy to make the small cubes, which Roosegaarde intends will eventually come from solar power.

Roosegaarde has launched a Kickstarter project to crowdfund what could be the world’s largest air-purifier. Backed by 241 supporters, the project has currently raised $19,808 (£12,675) of its $55,135 (£35,281) goal.

The Dutch artist plans to build the first tower in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. If successful, these towers could soon be sprouting up in a city near you.

[H/T: Popular Science]


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