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What Would Happen If You Fell Into a Black Hole?


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2263 What Would Happen If You Fell Into a Black Hole?
DNews.Gettingclose to a black hole is a bad idea for anyone, or anything.

It's probably no surprise to anyone that really bad things happen if you fall into a black hole. Crossing the event horizon is even worse than being forced to watch Event Horizon forever.

However, if you want the gruesome details, DNews is here to help.




It's worth adding that while this video reflects the most common views on the topic among scientists, some big questions about black holes remain. It's not like we have a black hole sitting in the lab we can examine.

Earlier this year, Stephen Hawking suggested the idea that an event horizon was incompatible with quantum physics. At least one physicist claims to have resolved the issues Hawking raised and last week the claim that black holes cannot exist gained plenty of circulation. However, as we reported in our response to this, the non-peer reviewed paper is almost certainly wrong. So black holes probably do exist, and diving into one remains a seriously bad idea.

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