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What Happens If You Add Propane To Cola?

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Caroline Reid

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2281 What Happens If You Add Propane To Cola?
Screenshot from propane with cola video. Kreosan / YouTube

We've all seen Diet Coke and mentos, which classically ends in a Coca-Cola fountain. But what about Coke and propane gas?

Propane is otherwise known as the volatile component in unrefined gasoline. It is also classed as flammable. 


So what would happen if you pumped a bottle of Coke full of propane gas? Fortunately, Kreosan from YouTube was happy to relieve our curiosity and give it a go. 

The result is a coke bottle rocket that packs a surprisingly powerful punch.

It's probably inadvisable to try this at home. The rocket coke bottle might not hit you, but its trajectory is long and unpredictable, and who knows what unexpected things it might break?

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