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Watch A Rocket's-Eye View Of Being Launched Into Space

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Morenike Adebayo

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clockJul 30 2015, 17:13 UTC
1401 Watch A Rocket's-Eye View Of Being Launched Into Space
MAPHEUS-5 rocket launch. Jauenik8Furtner/YouTube.

The MAPHEUS-5 rocket is the fifth rocket launch for German space research institute Materialphysikalische Experimente unter Shwerelosigkeit (Material Physics under Microgravity Conditions).

Launched on June 30 from the Esrange Space Center, this rocket is the first sounding rocket of Mapheus’ second project to determine optimum launch conditions for “17" science payloads with a two-stage S31/S30 motor.” 


Weighing 2,663.2 kilograms (5,871.4 pounds), the rocket reaches a height of about 260 kilometers (161.6 miles), achieving 6 minutes in microgravity, before hurtling back down toward Earth.

Check out the impressive launch video from the rocket’s perspective below.



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