Watch a Massive Spider Eating a Lizard Alive

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2465 Watch a Massive Spider Eating a Lizard Alive
Huntsman spider by Fir0002 via Wikimedia Commons. Licensed by CC.

A spider was recently filmed feeding on a live lizard. Though the exact species has not been confirmed, it appears very similar to a huntsman spider.

Huntsman spiders, also known as Sparassidae, live in warm, tropical regions around the world and, as their name suggest, are known to hunt and forage for food. Widely considered the largest spiders by diameter, certain species of Sparassidae can grow up to 10 to 12 inches in size, including leg span. One of the largest of these spiders was discovered in a cave in Laos in 2011; it was about the size of a 12-inch diameter dinner plate.


Sparassidae mainly prey on insects and other invertebrates, but occasionally do feed on small geckos. In the video posted below, you can see the spider using venom to immobilize a lizard. The arachnid physically appears to have other huntsman qualities, including characteristic crab-like, spiny legs and a smooth body.

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