University of Cambridge is Recruiting for a Professor of LEGO

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clockJun 23 2015, 19:09 UTC
701 University of Cambridge is Recruiting for a Professor of LEGO

Renowned for its high standard of education and prominent status as the world’s fourth-oldest surviving university, the University of Cambridge in the U.K. is hiring a Lego professor to add to its academic roster of teachers.

YouTube/The Lego Movie


The incoming applicant does not necessarily need to know their bricks from their baseplates. Instead, they will head a new research center that focuses on children’s relationships with play in education, development and learning. They will also investigate how unrestrictive play can help improve a child’s experience of education.

This unusually titled position was created by the university after receiving $6.2 million (£4 million) in donations from the Lego Foundation, which aims "to make children's lives better – and communities stronger – by making sure the fundamental value of play is understood, embraced and acted upon." The Lego Foundation owns 25% of the Danish toy company Lego.

YouTube/The Lego Movie

The successful candidate will start working at the university in October of this year after a rigorous selection process from a Cambridge board.


[H/T: The Telegraph]

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