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The UK's National Health Service Just Shut Down A Racist Troll In The Best Possible Way


Robin Andrews

Science & Policy Writer

People at a rally supporting the NHS back in March of this year. John Gomez/Shutterstock

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) – underfunded and often underappreciated – just politely told a racist commenting on one of their Twitter feeds to shove his bigoted views firmly up his poop portal.

The GiveBlood NHS Twitter feed spends much of its time doing one of two things: explaining why donating blood can help save lives and improve scientific research, and soliciting said donations from anyone who’s healthy and willing.


Not too long ago, they pointed out that “black people with sickle cell disease urgently need black donors.”

Sickle cell disease, a condition that among other things results in extreme bouts of anemia, is something that mainly affects people of African and Caribbean descent. A simple coding error in the hemoglobin gene sounds easy to fix, but at present, only extreme therapies and those on the bleeding edge of science can get close to curing it.

Often, the best people can hope for are blood transfusions from healthy people from the same family backgrounds. That, indeed, is what the NHS was highlighting.


Still, that didn’t stop someone tweeting: “If we deport all blacks, this will stop being an issue.”


Their account has understandably been suspended, and the original tweet is no longer available. At the time, however, the person behind the NHS’s twitter account – currently known only as Scott – was clearly not going to let this particular moron air his views without consequence.

“Or…we could just deport you,” they said, later adding: “We would not welcome you as a blood donor so please do not try to attend one of our sessions.”


We think we can all agree that that was a most marvelous response. Other denizens of the web were quick to voice their support for the quick-fire putdown.

“Seriously, you can take all my blood for that clap back!!!” one effused. Others have said that this level of sass had inspired them to go and donate blood for the first time, particularly for this sickle cell donor drive.


“Think he’ll need hospital treatment for that burn,” added another.

As you would expect, plenty of ire was directed at the racist himself, who people on Twitter have called a “vile idiot,” an “arsewipe,” and that timeless British classic, a “wanker”.

[H/T: Metro]


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