Two Male Lions Spotted Having Sex In Kenya


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In Kenya’s Masai Mara, two male lions were found sneaking off into the bushes to have sex. It was captured by a wildlife photographer after both lions trotted off for some “alone time” to do the deed.

Paul Goldstein, who guides for Exodus travels and co-owns Kicheche Camps, saw the animals mating. "We saw two impressive alpha males in perfect light. After a while they stood together, in perfect symmetry. What then happened was remarkable."


He explained that while the affair didn't last long, there was much affection between the two after they finished mating  – an act that doesn't always happen between two members of the opposite sex.

Even though it’s rare to see same sex lions mate, this isn’t the first time it’s been heard of. In August of this year, another two male lions were seen engaging in sex in Yorkshire Wildlife park right next to a lioness.

It was pictured by Russ Bridges from South Yorkshire, who told the The Independent that "there are two males and a female in that pride. One of the lions suddenly got up, walked over and jumped on his friend's back."

In 2006, News Medical shared that homosexual behavior has been seen in 1,500 species. This includes everything from mammals to crabs to worms, with some such as bonobos practicing it throughout their lives. 

Paul Goldstein/Cover Images


Paul Goldstein/Cover Images




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