TWIS: Gnarly Footage Of Orcas Snacking On A Great White, A New Theory Of Consciousness Gives You An Existential Crisis, And Much More This Week

All the biggest science news stories of the week.


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clockOct 7 2022, 11:37 UTC
All the biggest science news stories of the week.
All the biggest science news stories of the week. Image credit: Edited by IFLScience

This week, the first-ever footage of the lethal (to great white sharks) hunting behaviors of Orca pods, SpinLaunch slingshots NASA tech into the sky, and we ask if Kelly Clarkson had a point when she sang “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Watch World-First Footage Of Orcas Making A Snack Out Of Great White Sharks

Earlier this year, researchers in South Africa filmed killer whales hunting great white sharks for the first time, and footage of the chase reveals that more orcas are involved than previously thought. The gnarly video shows five killer whales getting in on the act, leading scientists to suspect that the behavior may be spreading through cultural transmission. Read the full story here.


Discovery Of New Route For Human Evolution Affects One In 4,000 Babies

When we talk about human evolution, we’re often discussing our ancient ancestors but as a species, we continue to change in modern times. Now, research has discovered a new route through which human evolution can occur in the way that genetic material from our mitochondria can enter the genome. Read the full story here.

Watch SpinLaunch's Giant Slingshot Fling A NASA Payload Into The Sky

US-based startup SpinLaunch has teamed up with NASA to see whether slingshotting objects into the sky could be a viable alternative to chemical-powered rocket launches, and you can watch their latest test right here. Read the full story here.

New Theory Of Consciousness Could Explain Why We Eat Huge Amounts Without Stopping

A new theory of consciousness (that is, how we perceive ourselves and the world around us) has been proposed in which our brains aren’t actually actively aware of our surroundings, instead processing subconscious memories developed just half a second ago. Read the full story here.


X-Ray Vision Makes JWST's Shots Of The Cosmos Even More Beautiful

Some of the first images captured by JWST have been given a revamp with the help of data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory – and they might just be some of the prettiest pictures yet. Not only are they visually stunning, but this collaboration has also spotlighted some new astronomical features that haven't been appreciated before. Read the full story here.

Feature of the week: 

Is There Any Truth Behind "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger"?

You've probably heard the phrase "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", either from Kelly Clarkson or Nietzsche, but is there any truth behind it or does it in fact do more harm than good? Read the full story here.

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