This Bull Shark Was Found In The Middle Of The Road In Australia


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Queensland Fire and Emergency/Facebook 

As the 2013 saga of Sharknado made very clear, a combination of extreme weather and sharks make for an interesting outcome. Take, for example, this dead bull shark that was found in the middle of the road in Australia.

Cyclone Debbie is currently battering areas of Queensland and northern New South Wales with heavy rain and winds, causing widespread flooding. While inspecting the local area for damage, the Queensland Fire and Emergency service stumbled across a 1.5-meter-long (5-foot-long) bull shark in the middle of a road in the town of Ayr, Queensland. The unlucky shark, somehow, managed to get swept up by the floodwaters.


The fire service posted the image on Facebook along with the caption: "Think it's safe to go back in the water? Think again! You never know what lurks beneath the surface during a severe storm and what will wash up in the aftermath."

This species of shark, Carcharhinus leucas, is found across the world in warm and shallow waters, often around the coasts and in rivers. So while it is odd the shark washed up so far inland, it's likely that the shark was swimming in a nearby river.

"There was only moderate flooding, peaked at 9 meters [29.5 feet] in Burdekin River about an hour before we took the photo,” said local journalist Philip Calder, according to the Brisbane Times. "The poor guy had obviously been trying to escape a torrent or something like that and had beached himself on the road… There were a couple of locals who came over with a knife and souvenired a tooth from it.”



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