These Are The Top Googled Search Terms Of 2017


Jonathan O'Callaghan

Senior Staff Writer

clockDec 13 2017, 16:23 UTC

A lot of people searched for information about the US total solar eclipse in 2017. Ethan Daniels/Shutterstock

Google has released their top search terms of 2017, with a few sciencey things included for us to look through.

Of particular interest this year were “how to” questions. The top searched for was “how to make slime”, while “how to make solar eclipse glasses” came in second – no doubt as a result of the US total solar eclipse in August.


“How to buy bitcoin” featured in the number three position, as the cryptocurrency surged to almost $20,000 last week. Others want to know how to make a fidget spinner and also how to lose belly fat.

Top How To Searches

1. How to make slime

2. How to make solar eclipse glasses


3. How to buy Bitcoin

4. How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor

5. How to make a fidget spinner

6. How to watch the solar eclipse


7. How to freeze your credit

8. How to play Powerball

9. How to screen record

10. How to lose belly fat fast


The other search terms are mostly focused on celebrities and events throughout the year. The top global search term of all was Hurricane Irma, which devastated the US in September.

Irma also topped searches for global news, with Bitcoin coming in second. The solar eclipse featured in fifth here, followed by three more hurricanes: Harvey, Jose, and Maria.

Top Searches Overall

1.Hurricane Irma


2. iPhone 8

3. iPhone X

4. Matt Lauer

5. Meghna Markle 


6. 13 Reasons Why

7. Tom Petty

8. Fidget Spinner

9. Chester Bennington 


10. India National Cricket Team

Top Global News

1. Hurricane Imra 

2. Bitcoin


3. Las Vegas Shooting

4. North Korea

5. Solar Eclipse

6. Hurricane Harvey


7. Manchester 

8. Hurricane Jose

9. Hurricane Maria

10. April the Giraffe


While there are certainly a few somber things in the lists, it’s good to see that science did make somewhat of an appearance. Who knows what 2018 might hold, but with manned American launches scheduled to occur and Elon Musk launching his car to Mars, there might be a few more science terms showing up next year.

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