The Alarming Moment A Bonobo Throws A Brick Towards The Family Watching It


Stephen Potvin

Video Writer/Editor

clockJan 22 2018, 17:17 UTC

A bonobo can be seen throwing what appears to be a cement brick at a family who were visiting the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens in Jacksonville, Florida, on May 22. Michele O’Regan and her son visited the Jacksonville Zoo along with her friend Diane Steen, her two daughters, and her mother. The group was looking at the bonobos in the open exhibit when a bonobo grabbed a cement block and threw it towards O’Regan, who was holding her 2-year-old son at the time.

Thankfully, everyone in the group was able to dodge the brick and nobody was injured. Zoo officials believe the bonobo threw the cement brick at the group in an act of playfulness, not malice. They also believe the bonobo found the cement brick inside a nearby moat. Bonobos are known for being playful, social, and highly affectionate. They are a part of the ape family and are often confused with chimpanzees.