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"Stone Circle" Spotted On Mars


Robin Andrews

Science & Policy Writer


Aliens? secureteam10 via YouTube

Imagine you’re an advanced alien life form living on Mars, just beneath the surface. You’re getting a bit lonely down there, so you decide to wave some sort of flag to indicate to humanity – or one of its several robot visitors, at least – that you’re down there and they should come and say hello.

What’s the best way of going about that, do you think? Surely you’d just pop up to the surface yourself, reveal your presence, stun the neighboring planet and change the course of human history, right? If you happened to be a particularly shy alien, you could even just send up a machine of your own, or a hologram, or send a text message or something.


But no. According to YouTuber SecureTeam 10, and as reported by the Sun, the best way in which to do this is draw a circle using some rocks at the surface.


This “alien hunter” has previously boasted that he’s “exposed the truth behind the longstanding alien cover-up.” He claims that alien activity is currently happening on the Moon and throughout space.

Essentially, if he cannot explain something, he resorts to aliens. That earthquake swarm that’s taking place in Yellowstone National Park right now? Aliens.


Not aliens. secureteam10 via YouTube

Apparently, the government is stopping people exploring the park’s hot springs not because they will melt you into nothingness, but because they don’t want you to find out that the earthquakes there are being caused by alien super drills.

Anyway, his latest hypothesis comes courtesy of a NASA photograph showing a circle of rocks on the Red Planet’s surface. Although it’s clearly a weathering feature of some kind, SecureTeam 10 apparently has “never seen anything like it” before and, therefore, it must be aliens.

He then compared the formation to another “Stonehenge-like formation” on Mars. As the Stonehenge on Earth “is still shrouded in its own mystery,” then he naturally arrives at the conclusion that aliens are the architects to all of these.


If aliens are so advanced that they could travel from planet to planet and remain completely undetected as they did so, then why are they creating such crappy stone circles? Have they got no imagination whatsoever?

Mind you, they have built giant faces and pyramids on Mars too, apparently – so maybe we’re not giving these aliens enough credit.

Anyway. Joking aside, it’s really easy to play the game of “what alien structure can YOU find on Mars?” Just go to Curiosity’s Twitter feed, pick an image, and interpret the shit out of it. Suggestions in the comments, please!


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