Seven Sperm Whales Mysteriously Found Dead On Australian Beach

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213 Seven Sperm Whales Mysteriously Found Dead On Australian Beach
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A pod of sperm whales has been found dead on a South Australia beach after an extremely rare mass stranding event. The situation is made even more bizarre by the fact that sperm whales have not been observed in this area for more than 25 years.

According to local TV reports, the whales had been seen recently swimming in the area by locals, but on Monday 8th six were discovered dead along the shore of Parara beach, Yorke Peninsula. Another whale was found alive, several kilometers from the rest of the animals, but onlookers were unable to save it and it later died. An eighth whale was also found alive struggling in shallow waters, and eventually environment workers were able to help it back into the open ocean.


At the moment, it is unclear how the animals managed to become stuck in such shallow waters, but some think they may have ventured into the area while hunting for fish. Others suggest that one of the whales may have entered shallow waters because it was sick, and then the other group members may have followed. Samples have been taken for analysis and will be tested at the South Australian Museum to see if scientists can dig up any clues that can explain this curious beaching incident. In the meantime, officials have to try and work out what to do with the carcasses because they could explode as they decompose, and may attract sharks to the area. 



[Via BBC News and The Independent]


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