Birds Suspected Of Flying "Under The Influence" After Crashing Into Cars In Minnesota

A very sober looking American robin. David Spates/Shutterstock

Something strange is happening in Gilbert, Minnesota. Multiple birds have been witnessed crashing into buildings, trees, and windshield screens, apparently a bit tipsy.

"The Gilbert Police Department has received several reports of birds that appear to be 'under the influence' flying into windows, cars and acting confused," the Gilbert Minnesota Police Department said in a statement released Tuesday. 

So, what is causing all the commotion? It may be a combination of two things, police say. One, certain berries in the area are fermenting earlier than normal because of a premature frost. And two, many birds have not yet left for their yearly migration south.

This means that many birds are currently enjoying the fermented (read: alcoholic) fruit – and clearly feeling a little out of sorts as a result. Young birds are especially at risk because their livers cannot break down the fruits' toxins quite as effectively as older birds.

As a consequence, many are struggling to coordinate their movements and react promptly to threats and predators. Hence, the number of birds hitting cars and buildings across the town. 

The police department's statement received several comments from locals with their own stories regarding the intoxicated birds. 

"I know this post is a joke...but seriously...2 birds dove into my windshield both on the way to work and on the way home... I was wondering what was going on," one Facebook user (and crash victim) commented.

"I had to slam on the breaks today for a pigeon flying directly at my windshield because I braked the bird only tapped my windshield and this was downtown," said another. 

But as hilarious as it sounds, not all birds make it unscathed. The fermented berries may cause alcohol poisoning and collisions can be deadly.

"I have a couple dead birds in my front yard because of them hitting my window. Also had one stuck in the front of my car," said a third Facebook user.

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