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Watch A Parachute Drop Go Wrong As Three Cars Slam Into The Ground


Tom Hale

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clockApr 25 2016, 22:17 UTC
1219 Watch A Parachute Drop Go Wrong As Three Cars Slam Into The Ground

Parachutes are bound by the laws of physics, as any school lesson will teach you. So, you would think it would be fine to put your trust in them. Well, as the U.S. Army learned, human error and outside circumstances can sometimes make the laws of physics a little less predictable.

On April 11, three Army Humvees crashed to the ground after their parachutes failed to deploy. The exercise at a training area in Hohenfels, Germany, dropped around 150 supply bundles of equipment, weapons, and vehicles from aircraft – including the very unlucky Humvees. Fortunately, no one was harmed during the accident.


Along with safety concerns, these Humvees don’t come cheap at up to $200,000 each, so an investigation into the mishap "will receive the highest priority," the Army Times reports. While there’s no doubt going to be one or two anxious soldiers this week, the group of people who filmed the accident certainly seemed happy.

"The specific malfunctions that occurred on this day are under investigation," Army spokesman Maj. Juan Martinez told the Army Times. "There were multiple rehearsals and inspections of the equipment prior to mission execution. We cannot speculate on what went wrong until the investigation is complete."

Note, there's NSFW language in the video below.



[H/T: Popular Science]

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