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Physicists Are About To Make A Historic Announcement. Watch It Live With Us Right Here


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

Senior Staff Writer & Space Correspondent

clockOct 16 2017, 13:56 UTC

Artist impression of Gravitational Waves. R Hunt/JPL-Caltech

Astronomy is about to change forever. At 10 am EDT (3 pm BST) astronomers around the world will present the groundbreaking observations of an astronomical phenomenon which has never been seen before. 

You can watch the announcement below or on either the National Science Foundation website or on the European Southern Observatory website. Over 70 observatories have contributed to this discovery and live conferences and coverage will come from other institutions as well. We'll also be live streaming it on our Facebook page, so no excuse not to watch!


The LIGO and VIRGO collaborations have been in the press quite a lot lately. Just a few weeks ago they have announced the fourth detection of gravitational waves and three of their most prominent physicists received a Nobel Prize for their work.

If you want to ask questions to real gravitational wave physicists the LIGO and Virgo collaboration will run an AMA on Reddit on Tuesday, October 17. 


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