Empire State Building Lights Up With Images Of Endangered Animals

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clockAug 3 2015, 22:40 UTC
1497 Empire State Building Lights Up With Images Of Endangered Animals
A whale projected onto the Empire State Building. Extinction_OPS/Twitter

You wouldn’t expect to see lions, tigers and eagles (oh, my!) in the middle of Manhattan.

For one night only, stunning displays of these threatened species and more were beamed onto the Empire State Building between 9 p.m. ET and midnight on Saturday as part of the Discovery Channel’s new documentary Racing Extinction


“We lit up the Empire State Building with the world’s most beautiful – and threatened – species to show the world what’s at stake,” the filmmakers said on their website.

About 160 different endangered animals were projected onto the 381-meter-tall (1,250-foot-tall) skyscraper, including the now-famous Cecil the Lion.

Visitors to the 86-year-old building were encouraged to share their photos of the spectacle on social media using the hashtag #RacingExtinction.

Artists and activists will feature in the documentary by award-winning director Louie Psihoyos, creatively displaying previously unseen footage of animals under threat.


The worldwide premiere of Racing Extinction will be on December 2 on the Discovery Channel.

[H/T: BBC]

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