New Species Of Scorpion Discovered

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128 New Species Of Scorpion Discovered
Ersen Ayd?n Ya?mur et al.

A newly discovered scorpion is now the fifth member of its genus. It was discovered in Antalya and Muğla Province of southwest Turkey, in an area that was once known as Lycia. Because of its location, the scorpion was named Euscorpius lycius. The announcement came from a collaboration of Turkish and Italian scientists and was published in ZooKeys.

The scorpions of the Euscorpius genus are relatively small, ranging from 1.5 to 5 cm in length. They are found in North America and Europe (though Turkey’s political border spans Europe and Asia, the scorpion was found in Europe). They are known as wood scorpions, as they prefer to live in wooded areas and eat insects.


The new species is 2.5 cm long with red and brown coloration, with its claws as the darkest part of the body. They are venomous, but do not pose much of a risk to humans. A sting from E. lycius feels more like an annoying mosquito bite than anything else. A total of 26 scorpions were  thoroughly measured and catalogued before announcing the discovery of a new species. The samples were found in cool but humid pine forests, lounging on mossy rocks in the middle of the night. The full range of E. lycius is not currently known.


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