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NASA To Announce Exciting New Results From The Curiosity Rover On Mars Today


Jonathan O'Callaghan

Senior Staff Writer


What is both mysterious and exciting, and concerns the latest science results from a rover on Mars? That’s right, it’s time for another NASA announcement.

Today's announcement (Thursday, June 7) will be taking place at 2pm EDT, and it’ll be streamed live on NASA TV and on NASA’s website. It’ll also be available on Facebook LiveTwitch TVUstreamYouTube and Twitter/Periscope.


NASA hasn’t revealed what this announcement is about yet, though. The only information they were willing to give away was that it was “new science results from NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover.” The results are embargoed by the journal Science.

Curiosity landed on Mars in August 2012, and since then has been searching for signs of past or present habitability in a region known as Gale Crater. Over the years it has found evidence for water, an ancient habitable environment, and more.

The question everyone is hoping to answer, though, is whether life has ever existed on Mars, or whether it still does today. Answering this question could tell us if life on Earth is unique, or just one example of many instances of life in the universe.

As usual, you can ask questions during the event by tweeting using #askNASA. If you’re lucky, your question could be posed to one of the five experts that will be taking part. So make sure you tune in for some exciting science from our neighboring Red Planet.


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