Musk Starts Selling "Burnt Hair" Perfume And Has Already Made $1 Million

Musk said he's looking forward to all the media stories about the new fragrance, so here we are.


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Elon Musk given a speech at the GPU Technology Conference in 2015.
Let's hope the perfume is musky. Image credit: NVIDIA Corporation/Flickr

Elon Musk has launched his latest business venture: a luxurious-looking perfume called “Burnt Hair”. While perhaps not as lucrative as founding a galactic empire, the world's richest man has suggested the product earnt him over $1 million in just a few hours.

Musk took to his favorite medium of mass communication, Twitter, to reveal his new perfume, which he intends to sell through his tunnel-digging business, The Boring Company. 


Pitched as "the essence of repugnant desire," the fragrance is available on the company’s shop website for $100 and he claims to have already sold 10,000 bottles within a day of release. 

“With a name like mine, getting into the fragrance business was inevitable – why did I even fight it for so long!?,” Musk tweeted after changing his Twitter bio to just say “Perfume Salesman”. 

“10,000 bottles of Burnt Hair sold!" he added. "Can’t wait for media stories tomorrow about $1M of Burnt Hair sold.” 

Musk is no stranger to selling unusual – and occasionally cryptic – products through his many companies. Back in 2018, the Boring Company famously sold flamethrowers, which were specifically branded as “not-a-flamethrower”. The company managed to sell out of all 20,000 units, raising some $10 million in cash. 


In 2020, Telsa sold red satin “short shorts” for $69.420 in an apparent dig at the electric car maker's short sellers. Tesla also launched its own branded tequila, which comes inside a lightning-bolt-shaped bottle, after founder Musk tweeted the idea on April Fool’s Day in 2018.

Whether Musk’s latest perfume product has any hidden meaning is anyone’s guess at the moment, but it’s certainly got people thinking:


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