Man Films Being Struck By Lightning


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1091 Man Films Being Struck By Lightning
Scott Sheppard, Severe Studios. When a lightning strike hit him Scott Sheppard did not film the bolt itself, but caught the aftermath

Some people just don't know when to stop, like Scott Sheppard, a storm chaser with Severe Studios. Tempted by a  tempest near Fairburn, South Dakota last week Sheppard got a little too close and was struck by lightning. Although he didn't manage to film the actual bolt, you do get a remarkable sense of what the experience is like.

We should warn that some viewers may find this video shocking. Sheppard certainly did.




The strike ran down Sheppard's arm before jumping to the ground and making the hole you can see. Sheppard's car and another vehicle were both so damaged they needed to be towed, but aside from a sore arm Sheppard is unhurt.

While we certainly don't suggest you stand on a hilltop in a thunderstorm wearing wet copper armor and shouting “All gods are bastards”, but 90% of those struck by lightning survive, although most suffer long term effects.


As in Sheppard's case, it is possible to be struck by lightning several kilometres from the storm itself, with blue skies above.

Sheppard told The Weather Channel he will keep chasing storms, but in future may keep his arm inside the car.