Lynx That Escaped Zoo In Wales Has Been Spotted But Remains On The Run


Dami Olonisakin

Editorial Assistant



There’s a Eurasian lynx on the loose after escaping Borth Wild Animal Kingdom in Wales yesterday. People who live nearby have been warned to stay far away from the animal if spotted. Even though there has never been any reports of the wild cat causing any attacks on humans, it is still a dangerous animal.

The zoo’s Facebook page stated that the Lynx had not been captured yet, however, there had been two official sightings of her. It’s believed that after seeing the lynx on a hill behind the zoo, she hasn’t traveled too far.


Called Lillith, she has been described as being light brown and white, double the size of a domestic cat, with small black features on her ears. 

“Her most distinctive feature is her thick, stubby tail which is no more than six inches long," the "Animal Escape" notification on the zoo's Facebook page said.


“She is not used to hunting live prey but will chase rabbits and rodents when she gets hungry.” the zoo warned in their Facebook post. 

They also shared that to help find the Lynx, they have put out cameras around the zoo to help with locating her whereabouts. She has been spotted. but has so far eluded capture.


In an updated statement, the zoo announced that the park would be temporarily closed until further notice as all staff would be dedicated to trying to bring Lillith home.

Those who spot the animal have been asked to call the police or contact someone from the Borth Wild Animal Kingdom.

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