Incredible Photos Reveal Battle Between Alligator And Python



As if Florida wasn't weird enough, it's now playing host to epic giant-reptile wrestling matches. 

Cue dramatic battle scene music.


A golfer, Richard Nadler, captured this dramatic photo of the battle between a Burmese python and an alligator. He says the photos were taken on the 10th hole at The Golf Club at Fiddler’s Creek.

“There was no grappling going on — nothing. The python’s head was in the mouth of the alligator and the alligator was just sitting there absolutely still with his eyes wide open not moving,” Nadler told NBC2. “And he had all these people around him these golf carts and people walking around taking photographs.”

Nadler says it’s not unusual to see wildlife on this particular golf course, but the two fighting is out of the ordinary.

The pictures show the two animals wrapped up in an epic cold-blooded battle. The snake appears to be constricting the alligator, but the python’s head is in the gator’s mouth.


It’s not the first time we’ve seen alligators taking on other beasts – and they don’t always come out on top. Take this mare who chased an alligator away from her foal.  

Then there are those who choose to pester the reptiles, like this dingus dressed in a T-Rex costume teasing an alligator with its dinner. Not cool if you ask us.

That begs the question: who would win in a reptilian war between a python and an alligator?

The Burmese python is pretty badass. Just last month a snake hunter found a 5.1-meter (17-foot) Burmese python in the Florida Everglades. They’re notorious for their appetite and large portion sizes, like this almost 5-meter-long (nearly 16-feet-long) python that had at least three ingested deer in its belly.


The American Alligator also backs up a pretty impressive resume. Weighing in at about 453-kilos (1,000 pounds), the carnivore averages a length of 3 to 4.5 meters (10 to 15 feet). While they primarily feed on fish, turtles, and small animals, they are opportunistic eaters and will gorge themselves on just about anything – including this alligator found munching on people.

In this case, we’re not totally sure who won, but we are willing to wager.

Are you #TeamPython or #TeamGator? The Twittersphere seems to have a few opinions of its own.






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