IFLScience The Big Questions: What Are The Limits Of Computers And Supercomputers?

Computers can't keep getting faster and faster forever.


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

Senior Staff Writer & Space Correspondent

clockNov 18 2022, 08:30 UTC
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From effiency to speed to memory storage, we can't make computers better indefinitely. Image credit: © IFLScience

Computers and supercomputers, whether we like them or not, run our lives. They have revolutionized every aspect of society and we rely on their technology to push beyond our limits. But what about their limits?  What are they, when will we reach them, and can we avoid them? Host Dr Alfredo Carpineti is joined by Professor Mazhar Ali of the Delft University of Technology, whose team has developed a one-way superconductor with exciting applications in computing, to discuss this and more.

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