IFLScience The Big Questions Season 3 Coming Soon!

Unraveling more of the biggest open mysteries of science, technology, and humanity.

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The IFLScience podcast, The Big Questons, tackling the greatest open mysteries of science, technology, and humanity

Investigating the biggest mysteries in science with the top experts in their fields.

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IFLScience’s podcast The Big Questions is back this month with a brand new season, even more “Big Questions”, and top experts dropping by to tackle them!

Join our hosts Dr Alfredo Carpineti, Rachael Funnell, and Eleanor Higgs as we kick off season 3 on June 9 with a deep dive into whether Jurassic Park could really happen and how close we are to cloning dinosaurs as the iconic movie turns 30 this month. The rest of the season continues exploring some of the biggest questions and mysteries in science and technology, taking in space environmentalism, quantum computers, dinosaur sex, eFuels, extinction, space weather and more. If you have a Big Question, tune in, it may just get answered!


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The Big Questions Season 1 and Season 2 are available now on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Podbean, Amazon Music, and more. Transcripts of each episode are available too, just search IFLScience The Big Questions on our website.


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