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Watch What Happens If You Put A Diamond In A Hydraulic Press


Tom Hale

Senior Journalist

clockMay 18 2016, 14:26 UTC
465 Watch What Happens If You Put A Diamond In A Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Press Channel/YouTube

The Hydraulic Press Channel has had a meteoric rise to fame over the past few months, simply by satisfying our appetite for mindless destruction and showing millions of people how amazing Finnish accents are. So far, it’s squished everything from bowling balls to non-Newtonian fluid. But now they must face nature's hardest substance: diamond.

The diamond was donated to the channel by a generous diamond retailer looking to jump on the viral bandwagon. As stated in the video, it’s a 1.2 carat jewel and worth at least $4,000, complete with its own certificate to prove it’s the real deal.


So, as Lauri Vuohensilta – the mad genius behind the channel – says in the video: “They say diamonds are forever, but how long?”

As it turns out, not very long.



So, how was the diamond broken so easily? As some have pointed out, the “hardness” that diamonds are known for only really refers to their ability to be scratch-resistant. While the covalent bonds between the diamond atoms themselves are extremely strong, diamonds can also be brittle, especially if there’s any kind of defect or it’s been poorly cut. Scientists have even discovered materials that are actually harder than diamonds, such as wurtzite boron nitride and lonsdaleite.

Nevertheless, it’s still pretty impressive how swiftly the hydraulic press manages to shatter the diamond. That, and the "bonus crushing" of the plasticine model at the end is a particularly good one.

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