Man Gets Head Stuck In Ladder For Five Days After Attempting DIY

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A man got his head stuck in a ladder for five days after attempting to decorate his bathroom.

No DIY activity is risk-free. We've all accidentally trodden on a screw while trying to assemble a Femmen Vag, a Fartfull, or a Milf (all genuine names of pieces of IKEA furniture, in case you're wondering). But not many of us have been through what an unnamed man in eastern France went through over the course of nearly a week.

In scenes reminiscent of Seymour Skinner (previously Armin Tamzarian) from The Simpsons getting caught under a massive pile of newspapers and everyone thinking he'd disappeared, BBC News reports that a man in his 60s was decorating his bathroom when he slipped and got his head stuck in his ladder.

His head became wedged between two rungs of the stepladder, where it swelled up and remained trapped for a full five days. 


Again like Skinner, he was unable to reach his phone to call for help. Eventually, after being trapped in the bathroom with no sign of rescue, his sister visited his house and subsequently alerted medics. He had clearly been unable to even reach a tap in the bathroom, as when medics checked him over he was found to be severely dehydrated. The man, from Mattaincourt near Épinal, was also suffering from reduced blood flow to his head. As a result, he is now undergoing hospital checks. 

The man, who for obvious reasons has chosen to remain anonymous, joins a long and exclusive list of people and animals who have got their heads stuck in things for a while.


As well as the cow that got its head stuck in a ladder, there's the YouTuber who nearly died after deliberately cementing his own head inside a microwave.


The self-styled "prankster" earned the annoyance of the fire department after putting his head inside a bag, putting his bagged head inside the microwave, and then filling the microwave with cement. As the cement expanded (as it was obviously going to) he began to struggle to breathe. While the rescue workers struggled to get him out, he had to breathe through an air tube while thinking about what an idiot he had been minutes prior when he thought "yeah it is definitely a brilliant idea to cement my head into a piece of cooking equipment".


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