Doing These 24 Uncomfortable Things Will Pay Off Forever

Challenge yourself to lead a better life.Strelka Institute/Flickr/Attribution License

Challenge yourself to lead a better life.

Making a change for the better isn't always easy, but it's worth the effort all the same.

So what tough-but-worthwhile tricks can you start applying to your life today?

The posters on this handy Quora thread had some excellent suggestions. Business Insider also scoured the web for other ways you can challenge yourself to live a better life.

Here are some uncomfortable habit changes that could ultimately help you improve your life:

Wake up extremely early

Ekin Öcalan said he loves to wake up before sunrise because it provides the perfect study-and-work environment. While everyone else sleeps, waking at 5 a.m. is the perfect, albeit challenging, way to begin the day in silence, he wrote.

Start the day with exercise

Yeah, there are super humans among us who crave that pre-sunrise workout (that, or they're just really good liars). Still, for everyone else, waking up at the crack of dawn to sweat and get sore probably doesn't sound ideal.

But the morning is probably the ideal time to exercise. By starting your day with exercise, you'll prevent yourself from putting it off.

Think about it this way: If some of the busiest people in the world can find time to workout, so can you. For example, "What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast" author Laura Vanderkam notes that former Xerox CEO Ursula Burns schedules an hourlong personal-training session at 6 a.m. twice a week.

"These are incredibly busy people," Vanderkam said. "If they make time to exercise, it must be important."

Take cold showers

Taking a frigid shower at the end of a long day doesn't sound too relaxing.

But research indicates that cranking up the cold can be good for your health. According to Medical Daily, the cold water can improve your skin, soothe your stress, and boost your body's circulation.

Plus, people who've given icy showers a chance have reported feeling more alert, motivated, and ready to tackle the day.

Track what you eat

Keeping track of all the food you eat and all the exercise you do in a day can be challenging, but Tina Marshall said using her MyFitnessPal app helped her see the harm she was doing to her body.

"I didn't realize how little of some nutrients I was getting and how much sugar and fat I was getting daily until I started to do this regularly," she wrote.

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