A Fish Pedicure May Have Made This Woman's Toenails Fall Off

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Aliyah Kovner 03 Jul 2018, 23:51

Earlier this year, a young woman from New York came to the dermatologists at Weill Cornell Medicine hospital because six of her toenails had begun detaching from her foot for no apparent reason six months prior.

After performing an examination and taking a patient history, Dr Shari Lipner, director of the nail division, determined that the most likely cause of the nail plate shedding, a condition called onychomadesis, was a so-called "fish pedicure" that the woman had received – yes, you guessed it – about six months previously.

Though it does not meet the legal definition of a pedicure, the practice of sticking your feet into a tub filled with diminutive omnivorous fish from the species Garra rufa has been a popular spa service worldwide for more than a decade, according to Dr Lipner.

Writing in the journal JAMA Dermatology, she explained that the bizarre beauty ritual first gained traction after people noticed that wild populations of the toothless fish – a member of the carp family native to Turkey – liked to nibble on human skin, and for whatever reason, preferred munching on unsightly psoriasis plaques more than normal tissue.

A photo showing onychomadesis on the first, second, and third toe of each of the patient's feet. Lipner, Shari R./JAMA Dermatology, 2018

Soon, sessions with the rebranded "doctor fish" were also being hailed as a treatment for improving eczema, rough skin, circulation, and cleanliness. It was actually clinically proven that the freshwater species could reduce the appearance of psoriasis, but the other benefits have remained completely unfounded.

In fact, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention has determined that Garra rufa pedicures can transmit infections because the water is often not changed between customers, and, as one would expect, the mouths of foot-chomping fish get pretty dirty.

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