Gorgeous Time Lapse of Slow Marine Animal Movement

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clockMar 28 2014, 19:34 UTC
552 Gorgeous Time Lapse of Slow Marine Animal Movement
Daniel Stoupin

Under the ocean's surface, corals and sponges are fairly mobile, but they do take their sweet time about it, therefore their movements are highly underappreciated. Filmmaker Daniel Stoupin has been kind enough to show all of us what we have been missing with his new film Slow Life.

This video is 3:39 in length, but uses a staggering 150,000 shots with between 3-12 shots in each frame. This allowed him to extend the depth of field which is usually cut short in macro photography.


This video is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m making it mandatory* that you watch this in full screen.


*Okay, I can’t really enforce that. But really, if you don’t, you’re just cheating yourself.


Slow Life from Daniel Stoupin on Vimeo.

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