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Foo Fighters Drum Solo Rudely Interrupted By Extraterrestrial Gatecrasher


Jonathan O'Callaghan

Senior Staff Writer


Foo Fighters/Twitter

Have you ever nailed a drum solo oh-so-perfectly, only to have the universe try to steal the show? No? Well, spare a thought for this drummer then.

At a Foo Fighters gig on June 16 at the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, The Netherlands, drummer Taylor Hawkins was just finishing a solo when a bright green meteor burned up over the stage. It is really quite impressive.


Like, the timing is so amazing that we almost can’t believe it was a coincidence. Isn’t it more likely the band diverted a small asteroid into our atmosphere themselves? I mean, no, but still.

Seriously though, Hawking gets to the end of the solo, camera pans, meteor burns up, then BOOM. Guitars kick in. Lights and audience go crazy. End scene.

An unnamed festival-goer captured the stunning action on their phone, which you can watch in all its glory below.


Foo Fighters fans weren’t the only people to see it. According to the International Meteor Organization (IMO), it was also spotted in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and France.


There were nearly 170 reports of the meteor in total, labeled as a fireball – a meteor that burns up brighter than Venus that appears in the sky. The IMO said it started burning up over Belgium, finishing somewhere just over the border with The Netherlands.


“Fireballs happen when a very large meteor splatters on its way through the atmosphere, creating a big, bright flash,” noted.

If you spotted the fireball yourself at the Foo Fighters gig or elsewhere, you can help scientists investigate it by filling in a quick online form.

As Inverse notes, the green color of this meteor likely came from its chemical composition, specifically a high nickel content. One photo showed just how incredibly green it really was.


If you enjoyed this, then we have got some semi-good news for you, as a Japanese company is planning to try and create artificial meteors like this to accompany big events such as the Olympics.

This one, however, was just an incredible fluke – or perhaps divine intervention. We are onto you, Dave Grohl.


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