Orangutan Escapes Enclosure And Entertains Visitors At The Zoo

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1335 Orangutan Escapes Enclosure And Entertains Visitors At The Zoo
Telisi the five-year-old orangutan, swinging free. kmfmofficial/YouTube

A curious orangutan was spotted on the wrong side of the fence this week at Perth Zoo as she escaped her enclosure for a stroll among visitors.

The five year old Sumatran orangutan named Teliti was seen holding a bottle of water. Ever playful, she clambers along the fence in full view of visitors as shown in the video below.




Perth Zoo Primate Supervisor Holly Thompson told Yahoo News that Teliti’s inquiring behavior and short jaunt beyond borders was not ill-fitting of her age and temperament.

“Teliti is a very gregarious and curious youngster,” Thompson said. “This morning, like a lot of adventurous five-year-olds, she has taken the opportunity to test her boundaries, but soon realized it was preferable with her orangutan colony.”


Because Teliti was born at the zoo, she was calm and trusting of her keepers to move her back into the orangutan pen.

Upon securing the inquisitive orangutan back in her enclosure, Perth Zoo tweeted this humorous comment:




This is not the first time a Sumatran has made a bid for freedom from Perth Zoo. In 2009, Sumatran orangutan Pulang escaped her enclosure using a climbing rope. Pulang unfastened the rope, and used it swing over a boundary fence and into a neighboring garden.

With a long history of animals attempting to make their ‘Great Escape’, Perth Zoo are reviewing their security procedures to reinforce its animal holdings.

[H/T: The West Australian via Yahoo News]


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