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China Approves World's First Inhalable COVID-19 Vaccine

It supposedly gives immunity in just one breath.


Jack Dunhill

Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer

clockSep 6 2022, 16:19 UTC
child using an inhaler
It certainly beats using a needle. Image Credit: Julie Boro/

The first non-injected COVID-19 vaccine has been approved in China, and its manufacturers claim it provides excellent immunity against the virus after just one dose. The vaccine, called Convidecia Air and made by CanSinoBIO, is inhaled through the mouth in one breath, delivering an aerosolized version that is very similar to their injectable vaccine. 

While many other companies across the world have been developing a nasal vaccine, this will be the first needle-free coronavirus vaccine to reach the public.


According to a CanSinoBIO statement, the Convidecia Air was accepted for clinical trials in March 2021, and the results showed a strong immune response against the virus. They state that the non-invasive vaccine provides “triple protection” against COVID-19, and that their global supply chains, created while producing the injectable vaccine, allow them to produce it at scale. 

It will now be used as a booster for people who have already received their jabs. 

The news comes just a fraction before a nasal vaccine was approved for limited use in India, where it is to be used in “emergency situations” to reduce viral load rapidly. 


Aerosolized vaccines are able to access tissue surfaces that SARS-CoV-2 colonizes, particularly the nasal passages and throat, potentially improving immunity and inhibition of transmission. 

Booster vaccines for the coming winter may become key in the fight against a resurgence of cases, which many scientists are predicting as the summer ends. The UK is now rolling out an adult booster campaign in an attempt to protect against any dwindling immunity, as for most people it has now been many months since their last vaccination. 

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