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Chicago Doctor Investigated For Giving Kids Vaccinations Made With Vodka And Cat Saliva


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Senior Journalist

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Health authorities have suspended a doctor in Chicago who has allegedly been treating patients with makeshift vaccines made using cat saliva and vodka.

Regulators visited Dr Ming-Te Lin’s practice after receiving mounting complaints from health care providers saying that children were being given unregulated oral vaccines, Associated Press reports.


On visiting the surgery, they reportedly discovered an unsterile and untidy office filled with boxes of homemade mixtures for the “vaccinations”. Lin told investigators he used cat salvia with alcohol to treat patients with allergies, if the patient had a family history of autism, eczema, or other neurological disorders.

They also saw documents that suggested a seven-day-old baby was given one of these unregulated vaccinations. The investigation said these practices could have been going on for decades.

Lin also used a “WaveFront” electronic remedy-testing device, known to be used for creating “homeopathic remedies”, as part of treatment,

It almost goes without saying, many of Lin’s practices revealed by the investigation have next to no scientific validation and are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The doctor is also accused of lying on official certificates that claim pediatric patients had been given their full vaccinations. There will be a hearing at the Medical Disciplinary Board in Chicago next month.


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