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Can Insects Feed A Hungry Planet?

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Todd Reubold

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clockJun 12 2015, 13:39 UTC
494 Can Insects Feed A Hungry Planet?
Common insect food stall in Bangkok, Thailand. Counter-clockwise, from the back-left to the front - locusts, bamboo-worms, moth chrysalis, crickets, scorpions, diving beetles and giant water beetles. They are deep fried. Photographed by Takoradee, Flickr.

Around the world two billion people eat insects on a regular basis. The current hotbeds — or should we say, hot pots — of consumption include Latin America, central Africa and Southeast Asia. As we look for new ways to feed a burgeoning global population, will entomophagy spread to other corners of the globe?

Infographic by Anna Egelhoff



Researched by John Sisser.

Article originally posted by Ensia. See the original article here.

natureNaturenaturecreepy crawlies
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